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With our regular in house servicing of our hiring equipment, we can ensure a high degree of operational functionality and an absolute minimum of downtime for our clients.

Vanhattan Lifting will always ensure that our Red Seal riggers and assistant riggers have only the highest of rigging equipment available to them at all times to ensure that precise and safe lifting is done everytime.

We also offer our clients a 24 hour lifting breakdown service, if needed, to ensure that our clients' needs and deadlines are met and well taken care of.

Vanhattan Lifting operates from an excellent quality management platform guided by statuary Red Seal riggers industry accreditations.

Vanhattan Lifting is also a BEE certified company with a remarkable outstanding work force behind us.

All work done or carried out by us and our Red Seal riggers and rigger assistants and crane operators is done with the utmost of importance and effectiveness in accordance to the safety and regulations of any work done on any site or platform.

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Vanhattan Lifting

We are a proud and professional company that was established in the year 2000 and has been growing stronger year by year due to our expertise and knowledge that we offer our clients at hand.

Our commitment to all of our clients satisfaction and expertise has earned us a steady growth through the years and has helped us to expand our clientele base. We at Vanhattan Lifting take a lot of pride in the work that we do for our clients at all times and respecting our clients is in the upmost of importance.

Our Mindset

We at Vanhattan Lifting only believe in working in safe environments and always inspecting the sites at hand before any work can be carried out, done or quoted on and before any job commences. Rigging study and risk assessment will be done before hand or on site before any job commences.

Safety is very important to us, not just for our own red seal riggers and rigger assistants and crane operators but also for the client and their staff and anyone else on site. We also offer our clients short and long distance transportation and turnkey projects.

Highly Experienced Rigging Service Providers

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