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Vanhattan lifting also specializes in short and long term hiring of various sizes of mobile cranes and crane trucks, Beams, slings, Red seal riggers and assistant riggers for commercial, industrial and private use are also always available. All of our certified machinery and equipment are optimally serviced and in pristine working condition. responsible for all equipment and machinery. Trucks are checked daily by the relevant parties that are responsible for all equipment and rigging machinery, cranes and crane trucks.

Know These Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Mobile Cranes

Cranes of any type, are the most efficient aid when it comes to meeting any lifting requirement. Mostly designed to lift heavy weight objects, cranes are considered to be simple machines with various attachments like wire ropes, drums, chains and a telescopic boom on the platform.

Consolidated Transport offers a wide range of cranes to serve your needs- from rough terrain cranes to truck mounted cranes, from all-terrain cranes to mobile cranes. There are several factors that influence your choice of cranes. For example, A mobile crane is used when the site is not easily navigable; in other words, if the location is full of buildings and structure, using a static crane is not at all a feasible idea. This is when a mobile crane is used as they can easily move in small areas. But there are more benefits to using a mobile crane. These are:

Powerful in terms of strength

Do not underestimate the power of a mobile crane! Although they might be smaller in size than many of the other types of crane, mobile cranes will definitely win the battle when it comes to lifting heavy objects, not one but more than that. This type of crane has the ability to perform multitasking since it can lift more than one heavy object, at the same time. You may be wondering how can such a small crane lift so many heavy objects at one go? Simply because of its improved hydraulic power and multiple axles that help it to lift heavy objects to such great heights. Thus, if you doubt the strength of a mobile crane, clear it out from this very moment because size doesn't matter always!

Requires less space

From the word ‘mobile', it is understood easily that this crane is smaller in size and so can fit into smaller spaces compare to other crane types. On the other hand, it is a difficult task for the larger cranes to get in a cramped up space and perform the lifting job. It is like wearing childhood clothes that no longer fit you! Mobile cranes can easily move in between two buildings, do the job and come out conveniently without much struggle. Grant a small working space and a mobile crane will never disappoint you!

Sets up quickly

Since a mobile crane requires less space to function, it also requires less time for setting up. The time needed to set up a mobile crane in a construction site is very brief unlike other cranes like a tower crane. As a result, this crane needs lesser space to stabilize and also helps you to finish your work quickly.

Ensures safety

The more mobile and flexible a crane is, the safer it is to use. And this is especially true for a mobile crane. It can easily access a congested site with narrow space and carry heavy objects with ease. Thereby it ensures the safety of the workers on the site and also meets your expectations.

An advantage to the construction sites

For any crane hire agency, having a fleet of the latest mobile crane is a must. Not only it provides high flexibility but also can lift heavy weights with ease because of its sturdiness and power. In addition, mobile cranes also reduce pollution rates, is radio controllable and emits less noise. If you want maximum mobile features in a crane, using a mobile crane is your perfect search as it can easily move sideways in a restricted area.


With a mobile crane, you can easily make the impossible possible on a construction site. Thus, if you want a crane that will function properly in a small space, hiring a mobile crane is the best option for you!

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